July 24 – Vertical Training

By dancingintheraine

August 5, 2008

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Training at Avis and Gerald Mon’s house.

Participants: Brian Han, Jodi Lindsey, Shelley Allen, Troy Fox, Noel Fox,

Karen Caldwell, Jody Bailey, Avis Moni, John Law, and me.

Avis hosted

a vertical training / practice session at her house for a warm-up for Jive Hole this

weekend. For those of you who don’t know, Avis has a wonderful set up with good straight

trees! When I pulled up, Avis was walking the rope

With John Law

wrangling the rope. After Avis came down, she introduced me to the rope walker. I had used

the frog system while working at Opryland, but I tell you, after I used the rope walker, I

like that a whole lot better!

Brian Han

saddled up next and demonstrated his froggin’ skills quite strongly.

Karen Caldwell

was on rope next and demonstrated her short-steppin’ rope walkin’ with ease.

Up next was

Jodi Lindsey, who amazed me with her agility with the frog.

Jody Bailey

made a strong showing of his rope walking as well.

John had to

leave to take care of work-related issues and Avis took over as the rope wrangler.

Jody Bailey

borrowed my camera and took a picture of me.

By then, Gerald

had gotten home, and Jody went to relax and catch up with Gerald.

By this time,

Troy Fox was on rope, and after working it a ways, he practiced his change over rather


Shelley Allen

started up on the frog while her daughter Noel Fox assisted as an anchor.

After her

services as an anchor was no longer needed, she retired to her chair and watched her mother


But in the end,

she would join her mother on the rope! It was a good practice for all.


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