Disturbing Dream

By dancingintheraine

August 10, 2009

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Last night, I had a very disturbing dream that North Korea and China teamed up and invaded the United States. The majority of the United States citizens were like cattle and accepted it. It was in the future, because the governmental body already had the time to make owning firearms illegal, decimate the military, and spend our way into China practically owning us. The average US citizen accepted the invaders like a whipped dog rolling over on its back. I was running around in my dream trying to make sense, trying to wake you up, trying to rally you…

It feels like what I am doing metaphorically today. Today, people would rather share dirt on their neighbor instead of taking the time to research events that are more influential on their future than they care to acknowledge. Today, people blindly follow silver-tongued politicans that are not looking out for your future, but they give you little scraps, and you sit satisified with that that little scrap while they whittle more of your dreams away. They are only after what benefits them. I know all too well how it feels to throw my vote behind someone to have them betray their promises. Today, people are asked to report their fellow citizens that speak out against the leader of the the United States. People, we can’t duck our heads in the sand and hope that things will be okay. We have to stand up as a unified mass and make Washington think more about its actions. We do have a say. Quit blindly speaking back the rhetoric that you have been programmed to say. Stop rationalizing with blind passion and arm yourself with the facts from more than one source. Set aside your laziness and take the helm of your life.

I stood on a hill overlooking a city. I don’t know what city. It didn’t matter. We are all one people. Tears were streaming down my face as I watched the smoke curling up, people ambling around like robots keeping to their programmed routine. They were shells of people, no hopes no dreams. My heart was breaking because America had been handed away beneath our feet little by little without any notice because we were all asleep. The last of her will, the vigilant, the few… were being crushed by the invaders. All the dreams of her children spent, all the blood of her Soldiers let out on the ground, all the fire in her heart drowned.

Brutus woke me. I had been sobbing in my sleep, my pillow wet with fresh tears. I clutched him and just cried. He licked my face in a soothing way, as if telling me it was okay. But it’s not, not really. I collected myself and wrote this.

You will probably say, as you read this, that it was just a dream. But the things that brought it all to a head are happening today. Will you be the sleeping giant, or the vigilant few? As you read my blogs, don’t shake your head and think, “what an extremist”, “what a fanatic”, “what a weirdo”… even if you read my writings, because I think many don’t. I don’t post things because I hate anyone. I am not motivated beyond the passion for my country. If my postings can reach just one person and wake them up… not necessarily see my side, but to at least not have them take the word of the hierarchy, but rather look into things themselves, then I have fulfilled my role as a vigilant one. Which do you choose to be?

Maybe tonight I will sleep better.


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