Is It a Rising Or a Setting Sun?

By dancingintheraine

October 9, 2009

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Common Sense – Chapter 6

The time has come for a second American Revolution—bring your passion, but leave your muskets at home. This revolution will take place in our minds and hearts. Instead of liberating us from a tyrannical monarchy, it will liberate us from our own tyrannical thinking.

This revolution will be won when enough Americans rebel against the lies that are being told by those in power, lies such as the idea that we can’t look at the past to learn about the future that our founding principles are outdated, or that only those in power know what’s best.

The tangible results of this rebellion, the way you can show everyone that you are serious, is to leave whatever political party you currently belong to. Stop donating to the faceless RNC or DNC and starting devoting your time, energy, and, if appropriate, your dollars to the people who stand for your values.

When that begins to happen, the two parties will start to panic. Independent thinkers will become the biggest special-interest group in America, and the establishment will fear you. That is why they must keep us fighting each other—fear and anger are their only defense against the citizenry educating themselves enough to see through their lies and corruption.

There is a reason why it was illegal to teach a slave to read. Slave owners knew then what our two-party system knows now: an educated man will throw off the chains of bondage and demand to rule himself.

Those in Washington believe that there are many sheep and no shepherds. So we must let them know in the most unequivocal terms: WE ARE NOT SHEEP. Americans HAVE NEVER BEEN SHEEP. We are shepherds—and if we don’t soon reclaim our rightful place at the head of the flock, we will lose it forever.

There are some who call for violent revolution. They are wrong. Our future does not lie down that bloody path. Once that spirit is released, it is uncontrollable, and, I assure you, we will be worse off as individuals, communities, and country if we let others attempt to take us down that well-traveled road.

Weapons and violence are easier to overcome than the truth. The established powers can win a war of bullets, but they cannot win a war against passionate ideas, a war fought basted on the rule of law, or a war rooted in values reflected by our founding documents.

With that being said, make no mistake, NOW IS THE TIME. This is a call for action. Stand and link arm in arm. Our nation is being redefined right in front of our eyes; it is time we have a say in what it will look like. We must draw a line in the sand and let our voices be heard loud and clear.

Don’t Tread On Me.

This task is not small or for the faint of heart. While lives will not be lost, they will be destroyed and reputations will forever be tarnished. And that’s okay; it’s a small price to pay for victory, as history has shown that if we lose our grasp on freedom, it will likely never be enjoyed by us again. If the American experiment fails, then so does the cause of liberty—not just hear, but around the world.

One day we will face our children and grandchildren as they ask us what we found more important and valuable than freedom. They will ask if our big, unaffordable homes, “free” universal health care, and “buy it now” lifestyle were worth enslaving them for.

How will you answer?

Just as we look back with pride and awe at what the generations before us did to preserve the cause of freedom, our children and grandchildren will look back at us. But should we now fail and it won’t be with pride or awe, it will be with disgust. As they toil under oppressive taxes and tyrannical rule, they will continually question what we were so busy doing that we did not notice the stripping away of our freedoms and liberties. As they are forced to carry the yoke of servitude imposed by their domestic and foreign masters they will question why we did nothing. Did you not see it coming? they’ll wonder.

The choice is ours: Do we continue to lie to ourselves now or tell our children lies later?

Our freedom, liberty, and continued transformation into a better place will not come from the politicians in Washington or from the United Nations, the G-20s, the IMF, or any other organization. It will only come from us. Each of us stands as a sentinel against oppression, just as our ancestors have for twenty generations. There will be temporal as well as eternal consequences for each of us should we abandon our post and let liberty’s light slip away into the darkness.

I said at the beginning that I think I know who you are—but that’s only because I know who I am. We may not agree on everything, but we both know that what is now happening does not feel right.

No one told us to be good to each other on 9/12, it just happened.

We know that our best days aren’t behind us. We know that America is a country that freed millions of people in the last hundred years alone. We are the people who changed the world.

America’s promise of freedom allowed the lone entrepreneur to bring the world the lightbulb, car, telephone, movie, assembly line, artificial heart, computer bifocals, sewing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, safety pin, television, cash register, crayon, power tools, the oil well, water tower, popsicle, blue jeans, elevator, repeating rifle, laser, polio vaccine, microwave oven, copy machine, fiber optics, and cotton candy.

We are only a simple change of mind-set from being that nation again. As we found out on September 12, miracles only require a change in perspective.

When we stop telling ourselves we can’t do it or that our best days are behind us things will begin to change. Start telling yourself, “I don’t need the government to do it for me.” Stop being a slave and you will start seeing miracles.

The first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem. So say it. Say it out loud, “We have a problem.” Admit your role in it—maybe it’s “I spent too much,” “I didn’t pay attention to the polls,” “I played partisan politics,” “I was too afraid or tired to get involved,” “I was too slow to remember my values and my principles,” or “I rationalized the decisions and choices I made.”

It doesn’t matter. Leave the past in the past and seize the future. That shining city on the hill is still there.

Make no mistake, the actions you must take are simple in language, but complex in practice. They will demand your time, your attention, and your resolve. Have patience, but also carry a sense of urgency—the clock is ticking.

Assemble with passion, peace, and power, and march on Washington. Let your voice be heard and your anger be seen. Some will label your words as inciting or dangerous; help them understand that the truth will always sound angry to those who can’t recognize it.

DO NOT WAIT FOR OTHERS TO SAY AND DO THE THINGS YOU FEEL. The American Republic will not be swept into the dustbin of history if good men come forward now. Rest assured that others more timid than you will join in the fight, but they wait for you.

Stand shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm unafraid. Listen, learn, and lead. Renew that promise first made during a hot summer in Philadelphia and mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

After the signing of the Constitution in 1787, Benjamin Franklin spoke about a chair belonging to General Washington. At the top of the chair were the golden rays of the sun. He told Washington that throughout all of the proceedings he had wondered if it was a rising or a setting sun.

When Washington asked him, “What have you decided, Mr. Franklin?” he did not hesitate with his response.

It is a rising sun.”

I believe that is still true today. Great and powerful miracles are about to unfold before us—but only if we decide right here and right now that our sun is still rising. Once we do that, once we dedicate ourselves to that new dawn and experience a restoration of our founding principles, we can be secure in the knowledge that future generations will enjoy the same liberties and freedoms that were reserved for us.

But until then, the sense that something just doesn’t feel right will linger.

… until an independence is declared, the Continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity.

Those are the last words of Thomas Paine’s call to action—and so they become the last words of mine as well. Under normal circumstances, words like those have no meaning or influence unless people give them power.

But these are not normal circumstances and those words are not just words. Those words find their roots in an idea that seems to have been all but abandoned…

… Common Sense.


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