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By dancingintheraine

October 23, 2009

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It’s not enough that the courts are now allowing Katrina victims to sue blaming global warming for their loses, now we have a few more moments of insanity. Sen. Orin Hatch wants a Department of Justice investigation into the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in college football, stating that a “strong case” can be made that the BCS violates antitrust laws; that the system “has been designed to limit the number of teams from non-privileged conferences that will play in BCS games.”,  

Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling for “tighter restrictions” and a nationwide “awareness” program of sales of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical widely used in over-the-counter hair dye formulas but also used by terrorists to make explosives, a homemade liquid bomb called TATP. The same could be said for almost anything out there — terrorists are resourceful and common household items can be used for good or for bombs. Shall we put tighter restrictions on them all? Will granny’s hairdresser need to show ID in order to cover granny’s gray hair?  

Having a play off like professional football is something the Grouch has wanted for some time and is probably the only thing he and Obama agree on. But a DOJ investigation and bringing congress into the mix. Is this really what we elected our politicians for??? 

Sen. Orin Hatch asked the president to launch a Justice Department investigation into the way the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) — a complex system of computer rankings and polls that often draws criticism — crowns its national champion.

“Mr. President, as you have publicly stated on multiple occasions, the BCS system is in dire need of reform,” Hatch, R-Utah, wrote in a 10-page letter, obtained by The Associated Press.

Hatch’s letter comes a few days after the BCS released its first standings of the year. And on Monday, a group of college football fans launched the Playoff PAC, with the hope of electing more lawmakers who will pressure the BCS to switch to a playoff system. Several lawmakers have introduced bills this year aimed at forcing a playoff system, but none of the bills has moved.


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