Ann Coulter Explains the Liberal Myth

By dancingintheraine

October 27, 2009

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In today’s brand new column at, Ann Coulter addresses the “liberal myth” about national health care that claims lower life expectancy in the U.S. proves the superiority of other nations’ socialist medicine.

Writes Coulter: “Americans are… more likely to overeat or smoke than people in other developed nations. And the two biggest killers in the Western world are obesity and smoking.

“Liberals shouldn’t have to be reminded how fat Americans are, inasmuch as they are always chortling about it. A 2004 New York Times article leeringly quoted a foreign doctor, saying: ‘We Europeans, whenever we came to America, we always noticed the enormous number of obese people on the streets.’ I note that these are the same people who openly worship Michael Moore.”

Coulter also mentions the fact that young Americans in the military are more likely to be killed … defending European socialist nations:

“Americans are also more likely to die in military combat than the whimpering, pant-wetting cowards our military has spent the past 70 years defending – I mean, than ‘our loyal European allies.’ This is a health risk Europeans have managed to protect themselves against by living in a world that contains the United States military.”

To read more, feel free to go to:

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