A Matter Of Black And White

By dancingintheraine

November 11, 2009

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Welfare Mentality

We’re enduring a battered economy teetering on the edge of a depression. Bankruptcies and foreclosures are growing as the unemployment rate far exceeds unrealistic expectations. Trillions of taxpayer dollars are being blown in reckless government spending. Tremendous tax increases are in our future, and rapid inflation is a distinct possibility.

Amid all this Gallup releases a poll that shows African-Americans are apparently thrilled with it all:

Blacks’ satisfaction with the direction of the country has surged since Barack Obama became president in January, while satisfaction among whites has increased by far less. Today close to half of black adults nationwide, 47%, say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the country. In mid-2008, the figure was 10%

This is compared to the 59% majority of likely voters who feel the country is on the wrong path.

Now… before I get the emails saying that I’m a racist. My eyes are open. I don’t excuse anyone on a matter of race/religion/creed/ethnicity/etc… wrong is wrong. And if you excuse someone for their bad behavior on the account of their race, what does that make you?






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