The Fact About Gitmo

By dancingintheraine

November 11, 2009

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While the Left in America push Barack Obama to bring the Guantanamo Bay detainees to US soil and house them in maximum security prisons, the detainees themselves want to stay in Gitmo. Who can blame them when in the US they would spend 22 ½ hours a day in a 9ft by 9ft cell with the only natural light coming from a skylight outside. They may be evil terrorists who would slit your throat without a second thought, but they are not stupid. In Gitmo they have a new gravel football field, and …

The 221 remaining inmates receive between four and 20 hours outdoor recreation in the Caribbean sun and anything from weekly to almost unlimited access to DVDs and receive three newspapers (USA Today, plus one Egyptian and one Saudi Arabian title) twice a week. Every bed has an arrow pointing towards Mecca and every cell a prayer rug. [snip]

… detainees’ diet is exclusively Middle Eastern and halal, in observance of regional and religious sensitivities. Dates, olive oil and honey are provided daily and pita bread is baked on the premises. They drink the same bottled water as the prison’s staff and have the same access as other prisoners to 16,000 books and 1,600 magazines held at the library. [snip]

Since 2005 an Arab American cultural adviser, who for security reasons is identified only by the name of Zak, has been employed at Guantánamo to liaise with detainees.

He said that some detainees would rather stay put than go on trial in the US, where they would probably receive a life sentence or could wait years for a death sentence to be carried out.

“They know there will not be the same privileges as here,” he said. “Given the choice of being sentenced forever in Guantánamo or moved to supermax, it is ‘no, can I stay in Gitmo?’. Here they can be outside, they can smell the sea.”

Obama can’t please his base on Gitmo, he can’t please his base on Afghanistan, … I see a pattern here and so do his supporters. I see a trend and I know why. From Powerline:

Rasmussen Reports charts the decline in President Obama’s approval index–the difference between those likely voters who strongly approve and who strongly disapprove of his performance–from his inauguration to the present, on a monthly basis. What is striking is how stable the electorate’s views of Obama have been. There isn’t a lot of volatility or noise; the approval index has declined in steps as basic facts about the Obama administration have become evident:

Many who voted for him were simply caught up in the Obama movement, they did no research, they had no idea who Obama was or what he stands for. Those who voted for him are way less informed and educated on the policies than those who did not vote for him. A Pew poll proves that Republicans are more informed than Democrats.

The Pew Political IQ test was conducted over the phone with 1,002 adults from Oct. 1-4. They were asked questions about current events and conditions, such as the unemployment rate, number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, head of the Senate Finance Committee and television personalities. In 10 of the 12 questions, a greater percentage of Republicans than Democrats knew the correct answer.

Republicans are more informed voters and they are increasing in their knowledge after Barack Obama’s election. This is very good news for the future. Obama wants to change America, destroy America, and he wants to be in charge of a new world order. Americans are stepping up and speaking out.

The Tea Party participants are the new GOP. Conservatives are the new strong voters and Americans. People like Rush Limbaugh, who teach and explain Conservatism, are invaluable to Conservatives going forward. White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod denounces Limbaugh as outrageous.

Michelle Malkin asks, “Hey, how did that six-figure RNC donation to the NRCC plus $85,000 to the New York GOP plus nearly half-million-dollar investment in advertising and other independent expenditures on behalf of radical leftis Dede Scozzafava work out?” Answer: Showing her true colors, the New York 23 Republican has now endorsed the Democrat candidate after she dropped out of the election.

Richard Vigueri says, “Tea Party activists, town hall protesters, and conservatives across the country” — can claim a clear victory in its struggle to define the GOP. Those people are not Republicans, they are Conservatives. They do not want a new world order, they want to return to what America was built on, to the Constitution, to the Founding Fathers.

The Conservatives are the shape of things to come and the moderates in the Republican party better take notice.


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