David vs. Goliath

By dancingintheraine

November 18, 2009

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I work in the H&L field, and I see AARP’s commericals, and I have to shake my head. While their advertisements aren’t lying, they aren’t telling you everything, either. It is my opinion that Seniors are one of the most abused groups of people in the insurance industry. Considering all the talks about healthcare, and the usually limited income this group experiences, I think that at least making you aware of things is the most responsibile thing I can do. I encourage that everyone keep themselves informed, no matter what their age, race, or income bracket may be. With the legislation that is being passed, there is no undoing what is being done. I’ve included a few links below for you to review what is being said, and how this group stands on things.

There are two organizations representing citizens 50 plus.

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens has 10’s of thousands of members

AARP has 26 million Members.

The leadership of AARP has proven themselves to be a liberal leaning group that endorsed expensive Obamacare, without the consent of their members.

AMAC (pronounced A- Mack) is one of the leading groups fighting against President Obama’s health care initiative. AMAC has organized “Tea Parties” and participated in rallies against expanding government and raising taxes.

AMAC is pro-life, pro Second Amendment, and thinks government has grown too large and powerful. AMAC feels our elected officials are ignoring the will of the people. The proof of this can be seen in the way Congressmen and Senators have been treating their constituents at the various town hall meetings.

AMAC is needing more members so that they can have more clout with office holders. They need to counter the influence of AARP when they say they are speaking on behalf of Americans aged 50 and over.

AMAC will lead this fight knowing that they can win, if more Americans stand behind them.

If you care to join, go to http://www.amac.us and sign on as a member. For $12.50/year, you will know they are working on your behalf to stop socialism in America.

David conquered Goliath- and AMAC can beat AARP. Please check out their website and if you agree with them, please tell your friends.

Members receive their magazine and qualify for member discounts on Insurance and other services.





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