The Lineage Of Brutus

By dancingintheraine

December 6, 2009

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While digging through the data base the other day, I actually found some pictures of Brutus’ father and other half-sister. This picture was taken on a sunny day when Jay Jay (Great Pyrenese, German Shepherd, St. Bernard, Collie) decided to chase one of Duang’s cats. The cat got trapped on the second floor, and darted out onto the roof through a hole in the barn wall. The cat managed to quickly get down, but JayJay either wasn’t sure how to get down, or simply wasn’t ready. JayJay found a really good home with, a no-kill adoption agency, but died during the final stage of heart worm treatment.
The other dog is Brutus’ other half sister. She had to be sedated to be tended to as she was pretty much wild. She ended up dying from infection because she had a hole in her abdomen. Not sure if it was a fighting wound or a gun shot. I’m leaning towards the later.
This is Sheila, Brutus’ other known half-sister. Sheila’s mother is a German Shepherd mix. Sheila was my half-dog, since she was half-wild too. She remained on Holtkamp property when I moved and remains in the custody of Alan who takes pretty good care of her.

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