Here are the top 15 Christmas songs you may hear around the White House this year:

By dancingintheraine

December 13, 2009

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15. “Obama Tree, Obama Tree”

14. “Deck The Halls With Bows to Emperors”

13. “Deficits We Have Heard Are High”

12. “We Thirty Czars All Communists Are”

11. “Little Dummy Boy”

10. “Scrawled Gang Sign”

9. “Baracking Around The Christmas Tree”

8. “Silent Blight”

7. “Barack the Halls with Farce and Folly”

6. “Allah want for Christmas is a Money Tree”

5. “Hidden Clause Is Coming To Town”

4. “Do You Fear What I Fear?”

3. “I’m Dreaming of a Half-White Christmas”

2. “You’re A Mean One, Mrs. Clinton”

1. “Decoy to the World”

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