Don’t Try This At Home

By dancingintheraine

January 17, 2010

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This is from Mostly Cajun today.

Here we go again. I don’t know if this falls under “No Child Left Behind” or just general lefty bed-wetting.

Oh, my! He did Science Things at home! Normal people don’t know how to do Science Things, so there’s a good possibility that he’s done something dangerous. He should be playing with his XBox or watching approved programs on TV instead of doing Science Things.

Now I’m confused. You’d think that a school that “emphasizes technology skills” would be encouraging to somebody who actually plays with technology. Well, you’d be wrong, apparently. No, this is probably one of those programs developed by Professional Educators whose idea of technology skills is using a third-party controller on that XBox. They probably have a very nicely canned program that includes authorized experiments using approved materials showing how technology can be green and socially responsible. I may be wrong, but I’m thinking otherwise.

There you have it! He’s obviously a terrorist. Real science doesn’t use half-liter GatorAde bottles. It uses shiny glassware and stainless steel and takes place in official laboratories where government-authorized scientists work under the watchful eye of a government agency.

That would do it for me. I mean, “electrical components”? don’t you people watch TV? “Electrical components” are in BOMBS! At least they didn’t find the bomb-maker’s standard big LED readout counting down to detonation time, or we’d have had to evacuate the whole county.

Three hours later! With the involvement of law enforcement and high tech gadgetry apparently built by government-authorized gnomes.

What, they don’t have Drano and bleach? You can make a chemical weapon with Drano and Bleach. Or brake fluid and pool chemicals? That’s the making of an incendiary device.There’s something dangerous in EVERY house if the right person knows what to do. A sharp stick is “dangerous”. The MIND is the dangerous thing, but the authorities are going to fix that:

So the counseling basically says “Stop thinking and get into lock-step with the rest of the marching morons, people. We’ll tell you what you need to know to be good sheeple.” That’ll teach ‘em.

Seriously, I’d be thinking that the idiot who called the police and fire department should be the one paying the costs and getting “counseling”, but we’re probably talking about a government-certified “Professional Educator” here, and everybody knows they’re a protected group.

I’m hoping the parents are shaken enough to start voting conservative, if they don’t already. I’m thinking they do. There are signs. Kid is in a special school. Works on a school project at home. Apparently does a little research on his own to design and build something. That’s got all the markings of a family that emphasizes learning, not government-approved “education”.

And we take one more step towards the death of civilization. The country is crying for engineers and scientists, and here we have a school that body-slams a kid with potential.

The subject of a conversation at work Friday was the aging of the “knowledge people” in our business. As a nation we need to be encouraging hands-on adventurism in science and technology. The path to the moon went through the garages of home scientists. The wings over the planet came out of a bicycle shop. We NEED adventurous minds and we’re “educating” a generation of administrators and salesmen.

And you wonder why I fear for our future.


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