The Dream

By dancingintheraine

January 17, 2010

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I had a dream. No, this is not a piece on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 speech. No, it was one of the dreams that stick with you long after you wake. Maybe the fine details escape you, but the big picture still prevails. I have been poked at in the past for the crazy dreams that I have, but I honestly think that there is a reason for some of them, perhaps expressing something that I’m feeling deep down? I don’t know.

They found a temple. It doesn’t matter who “they” really are. It wasn’t a point of the dream. An important factor was that it was found. It was a massive stone temple, like the ones that you see as the Mayan ruins, or the one in Alien v. Predator, although the walls did not move. .. Giant carved stones fit together as tediously as the most precise pyramids in Egypt. It didn’t reach for the heavens, to be higher than God, to be with the Gods, but rather reached for the safety of the earth. Down it went, several stories, of beautifully carved stones fit so precisely together that you could not slide a sheet of paper between them. It was so simple. No electricity. Torches let light shine through the stone-sheathed walkways. There were benches here and there. A personal getaway, where someone could sit and contemplate, or speak to God, no one in the way, no one in between you and God, to muddle the relationship. Simple, pure, direct. The temperature was a comfortable warmth, not cold, as I would have expected. I recall thinking about this as I descended down, down it went, into the earth, to a simple massive chamber. I remember a stone altar. There were flowers cast across its cool surface, and candles scattered amongst the flowers, like stars dotting the night sky. I don’t remember much else about it except that I felt wonderful there, that I belonged there. I remember this feeling very distinctly. It was so overwhelming that I wanted to cry.

I left the temple and was searching “someone” out, to share this or get some clarification about this place. I’m not exactly sure. I was searching through people, some I knew, but many more that I didn’t. I’m not sure who I was looking for, and I don’t recall finding them.

When I returned, a group of people had bricked over the entrance, and I was extremely stressed about it. I was sneaking around looking for a way in.

I recall that I thought I was going to get caught “by the Church”. The “Coming Soon” sign was a McDonald’s (?????) They were going to build a McDonald’s over the entrance to this temple. I told “them” as they were starting to lay boards over the bricks that something/someone (I can’t remember exactly) was down there and we couldn’t leave it/them down there, that it/they would die. They reluctantly let me down there, and all I could think was now they couldn’t keep me from this place. I woke up with the alarm, both stressed but overjoyed.


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