The Week In Review in SC – Jan 6-12

By dancingintheraine

January 17, 2010

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The State newspaper announced Tuesday that 12 newsroom employees will be cut due to ongoing declines in revenues. This is the third round of cuts at the paper since June 2008.Sorry guys, don’t look at getting any unemployment. The money that would have been allotted for you was either given to the big-company bailouts, or the ungrateful country of Haiti.

A few hundred members of the Tea Party movement braved the cold Saturday for a rally at the South Carolina State House. Citing concerns over taxes, health care reform, President Obama, and the Democratic-controlled Congress, rally attendees held signs urging secession, among other political demands.I think it would be great for this country if we broke out of the parameters of the party labels and started thinking for ourselves.

South Carolina utility broke records for electricity consumption due to recent cold temperatures. Both SCE&G and Santee-Cooper reported record winter power consumption. So much for global warming. Oh wait, did I see a comment from the environmentalist about the impending global ice age, now?

S.C. Sen David Thomas, R-Greenville, proposed a bill under which state residents receiving unemployment benefits would have to submit to a drug test. Those who fail the test would have their benefits cut off.About freakin’ time!

Gov. Mark Sanford asked a judge to grant his wife Jenny Sanford’s divorce request Friday. The Sanfords’ 20-year marriage is ending in the wake of the governor’s much-publicized affair with an Argentine woman.Oh how generous of him. Now, where is the rest of the tax payers’ money?

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