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January 23, 2010

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0638 Start of Islamic calendar

1265 1st English Parliament formally convened (some authorities)

1490 1st printing of Ramban’s Sha’ar ha-Gemul

1492 “Pentateuch” (Jewish holy book) 1st printed

1552 2nd version of Book of Common Prayer becomes mandatory in England

1556 An earthquake in Shaanxi, China, kills an estimated 830,000 people. Counting casualties is often imprecise after large-scale disasters, especially prior to the 20th century, but this disaster is still considered the deadliest of all time.

1570 Earl of Moray, regent of Scotland, assassinated; civil war breaks out

1571 The Royal Exchange in London, founded by financier Thomas Gresham, was opened by Queen Elizabeth I.

1579 Union of Utrecht signed, forming protestant Dutch Republic

1631 France & Sweden sign anti-German Treaty of Bärwald

1637 Dutch Governor Johan Mauritius lands in Pernambuco Brazil

1643 Sir Thomas Fairfax takes Leeds for the Parliamentarians

1647 Scottish Presbyterians sell captured Charles I to English parliament

1656 French scientist Blaise Pascal, 33, published the first of his 18 “Provincial Lettres,” the majority of which attacked the Jesuit theories of grace and moral theology.

1663 King Louis XIV affirms covenant with Rÿnstaten

1668 England, Netherlands & Sweden signs Triple Alliance against French

1719 Principality of Liechtenstein created within Holy Roman Empire

1723 Georg Friedrich Händel’s opera “Ottone” premieres in London

1755 Under the influence of the Methodist movement, English clergyman John Fletcher, 26, was converted to a living faith. He remained in the Anglican church but afterward became a chief defender of evangelical Arminianism.

1775 London merchants petition Parliament for relief from the financial hardship put upon them by the curtailment of trade with the North American colonies.

1779 Charles Messier catalogs M56 (globular cluster in Lyra)

1789 Georgetown College was founded by Father John Carroll, 54, in Washington, D.C. Ä the first Roman Catholic college established in America.

1793 2nd partition of Poland, between Prussia & Russia

1793 Humane Society of Philadelphia (first aid society) organized

1796 Armand-Gaston Camus becomes chairman of Council of 500

1812 7.8 earthquake shakes New Madrid, Missouri

1833 Joseph Pease, a Quaker, admitted to Parliament on his affirmation

1845 Uniform US election day for President & Vice President authorized. The U.S. Congress decided all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

1849 English-born Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in America to receive medical degree. It was from the Medical Institution of Geneva, NY.

1849 Patent granted for an envelope-making machine

1856 Steamer Pacific lost

1861 Agoston Haraszthy, 1st vintner in Sonoma Valley, imports 100,000 cuttings of 350 varieties from Europe

1865 Battle of City Point, VA (James River, Trent’s Reach)

1865 General Robert E Lee named Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Armies

1865 Confederate General John Bell Hood is officially removed as commander of the Army of Tennessee. He had requested the removal a few weeks before; the action closed a sad chapter in the history of the Army of Tennessee.

1870 Declaring he did not care whether or not it was the rebellious band of Indians he had been searching for, Colonel Eugene Baker orders his men to attack a sleeping camp of peaceful Blackfeet along the Marias River in northern Montana. 173 Blackfoot Indians (140 women & children) killed in Montana by US Army. It was the wrong camp of Natives.

1879 National Archery Association formed, Crawfordsville IN

1889 Dr Daniel Hale Williams forms Provident Hospital in Chicago

1894 G W Bunbury of Dublin sets shorthand record of 250 wpm for 10 minutes

1896 Edward Macdowell’s 2nd Suite in E, premieres

1897 Start of Sherlock Holmes “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange” (BG)

1902 Winnipeg Victorias sweep Toronto Wellingtons in 2 for the Stanley Cup

1907 Charles Curtis, of Kansas, began serving in the United States Senate. He was the first American Indian to become a U.S. Senator. He resigned in March of 1929 to become U.S. President Herbert Hoover’s Vice President.

1908 US & Great-Britain demand end of abuses in Congo

1909 1st radio rescue at sea

1912 The Aermore Manufacturing Company, a Chicago concern, received a patent for the Aermore Exhaust Horn, a multiple-pipe horn powered by engine exhaust that played a chord like a church organ

1916 Temp falls from 44ºF (7ºC) to -56ºF (49ºC) night of 23-24, Browning MT

1920 Dutch government refuses to turn over ex-Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany to the allies

1922 At Toronto General Hospital, 14-year-old Canadian Leonard Thompson becomes the first person to receive an insulin injection as treatment for diabetes. Diabetes has been recognized as a distinct medical condition for more than 3,000 years, but its exact cause was a mystery until the 20th century. By the early 1920s, many researchers strongly suspected that diabetes was caused by a malfunction in the digestive system related to the pancreas gland, a small organ that sits on top of the liver. At that time, the only way to treat the fatal disease was through a diet low in carbohydrates and sugar and high in fat and protein. Instead of dying shortly after diagnosis, this diet allowed diabetics to live–for about a year.

1923 Taxi strike in Amsterdam begins (through March 9th)

1924 Ramsey MacDonald forms 1st Labour government in Britain

1926 Eugene O’Neill’s “Great God Brown” premieres in New York City NY

1928 “Abenteuer of brave Soldier Schwejk” premieres in Berlin

1930 George Washington Birthplace National Monument VA established

1930 Clyde Tombaugh photographs planet Pluto

1932 El Salvador army kills 4,000 protesting farmers

1933 20th amendment changes date of Presidential Inaugurations to 1/20

1935 British biblical expositor Arthur W. Pink wrote in a letter: ‘Growth in grace is like the growth of a cow’s tail Ä the more it truly grows, the closer to the ground it is brought.’

1936 Catholic People’s Party (KVP) of Curaçao forms

1937 In Moscow, Karl Radek & 16 others go on trial in Joseph Stalin’s “Great Purge”

1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt excuses himself from attending the annual dinner of the Baseball Writer’s Association and instead sends a letter to be read in his absence. In the letter, addressed to James Dawson of The New York Times, F.D.R. praised the skills and sportsmanship of the sports writers who brought alive the excitement and heartbreak of competition to the American people. At a time when the United States was still slowly inching its way out of the Great Depression, sports remained one avenue of escapism that transcended economic woes

1940 Pianist Ignaz Paderewski becomes premier of Polish government in exile

1941 Ground breaking for NACA (now NASA) Lewis Research Center

1941 Artie Shaw and his orchestra recorded “Moonglow.”

1941 Charles A. Lindbergh, a national hero since his nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic, testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the Lend-Lease policy-and suggests that the United States negotiate a neutrality pact with Hitler.

1941 The play, “Lady in the Dark” premiered.

1941 WOR-AM in Newark NJ moves to New York City

1942 Japanese troops occupy Rabaul New Britain

1942 Tank battle at Adzjedabia, African corps vs British army

1943 66.34 cm (26.12″), Hoegees Camp CA (state precipitation record)

1943 Detroit Red Wings scores NHL record 8 goals in 1 period

1943 British 8th army marches into Tripoli and takes it from the Germans

1943 The New Tribes Mission was incorporated in Los Angeles by founder Paul W. Fleming. NTM works today primarily in missionary aviation, Bible translation, church planting and the production and distribution of Christian literature.

1943 Duke Ellington and the band played for a black-tie crowd at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the first time.

1943 Japanese Mount Austen on Guadalcanal captured

1944 Detroit Red Wings score 15 goals against New York Rangers & NHL record 37 points, also most consecutive goals & most lopsided game 15-0

1944 Arnold Schoenberg’s “Ode to Napoleon” premieres in New York City NY

1945 Dutch Premier Gerbrandy, exiled in London, offers his resignation

1946 Rear Admiral Sidney W Souers, USNR, becomes 1st director of CIA

1948 Bradman scores 201 in 272 minutes vs India, 21 fours 1 six

1948 Huston’s “Treasure of Sierra Madre” starring Humphrey Bogart opens

1948 Test debut of Neil Harvey, vs India at Adelaide

1950 3rd edition of Joseph Kane’s Famous 1st Facts published

1950 The Israeli Knesset approved a resolution proclaiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

1950 NFL rule changes open way for 2-platoon system (offense & defense)

1950 AP picks “Miracle Braves” of 1914 as greatest sports upset

1950 Rebel army of cap Raymond Westerner occupies Bandung

1951 3rd Emmy Awards Alan Young Show, Alan Young & Gertrude Berg

1953 NFL Dallas Texans become Baltimore Colts (now Indianapolis Colts)

1953 NFL’s National & American conferences become Eastern & Western conferences

1953 Bobby Simpson makes 1st-class debut for New South Wales 16 years 357 days

1954 Longest undefeated streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (18 games)

1954 Harry van Thorn chosen chairman of Dutch KVP

1955 Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open

1955 KORK (now KVBC) TV channel 3 in Las Vegas, NV (NBC) 1st broadcast

1958 “Body Beautiful” opens at Broadway Theater New York City NY for 60 performances

1958 Dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez flees Venezuela, Larrazábal takes power

1958 Hanif Mohammad completes 337 in 970 minutes vs West Indies

1960 The U.S. Navy bathyscaphe Trieste descended to a record depth of 35,820 feet (10,750 meters) in the Pacific Ocean.

1960 Piccard & Walsh in bathyscaph “Trieste” reach 10,900 meters in Mariana Trench

1961 The United States upholds a Chicago film censorship law. The law forbade the showing of any motion picture until it had been screened and approved by the city censors.

1961 Venezuela adopts constitution

1962 Libya, Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia plan to form United Arab Maghreb

1962 Bob Feller & Jackie Robinson elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

1962 British spy Kim Philby defects to USSR

1964 Ratification of the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was completed. This amendment eliminated the poll tax in federal elections.

1964 Arthur Miller’s “After the Fall” premieres in New York City NY

1965 “The King Family Show” (musical variety) premieres on ABC TV

1965 Boston Celtic center Bill Russell misses all 14 shots in loss to Philadelphia Warriors led by Wilt Chamberlain

1965 BPAA All-Star Tournament won by Dick Weber

1967 Stan Musial is named GM of Cards

1968 Spy ship USS Pueblo & 83-man crew seized in Sea of Japan by North Korea, charging it had intruded into the nation’s territorial waters on a spying mission. The crew was released 11 months later.

1968 Joe Medwick elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

1969 Cream releases their last album “Goodbye”

1970 Australia’s 1st amateur radio satellite (Oscar 5) launched (California)

1970 US launches 2nd generation weather satellite, ITOS 1

1970 Dolle Mina burns her bra in Amsterdam

1970 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

1971 -80ºF (-62ºC), Prospect Creek Camp AK (US record)

1971 UCLA loses to Notre Dame, UCLA then wins next 88 games in a row

1971 4th ABA All-Star Game East 126 beats West 122 at Carolina

1972 2nd AFC-NFC pro bowl, AFC wins 26-13

1972 Bootlegger sells wood alcohol to wedding party-100 die-New Delhi

1972 Ard Schenk becomes European all-round skating champ

1972 Entire population of Istanbul under 24 hour house arrest

1972 NFL Pro Bowl AFC beats NFC 26-13

1973 Helgafell, island of Heimaey Iceland erupts for 1st time in 7,000 years

1973 Jordan Air crash at Kano, Nigeria kills 176 Moslem pilgrims

1973 President Nixon announces an accord has been reach to end the Vietnam War

1973 23rd NBA All-Star Game East beats West 104-84 at Chicago

1974 1st edition of women’s magazine “Story”

1974 Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” opened the credits of the movie, “The Exorcist”.

1975 “Barney Miller” premieres on ABC TV

1975 Ralph Kiner elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame

1976 Washington Capitals end 25 game winless streak (0-22-3) beat New York Rangers 7-5

1976 Ian Redpath hits his only 2 sixes in Cricket Tests, vs West Indies Adelaide

1977 $1.5-million Serge Lepage dress exhibited, Paris

1977 The TV mini-series “Roots,” began airing on ABC. The show was based on the Alex Haley novel.

1978 8th NFL Pro Bowl NFC beats AFC 14-13

1978 Sweden banned aerosol sprays because of damage to environment. They were the first country to do so.

1978 Belgian industrial Haron Empain kidnapped in Paris

1979 Willie Mays elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

1979 Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and his wife Marilyn were divorced.

1980 Prince’s single “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad” was released.

1981 1st Richard Nixon museum opens (San Clemente CA)

1981 Mike Bossy becomes 1st in NHL to score 50 goals in 50 games

1981 Jochem Bird elected mayor of West Berlin

1981 Red Sox trade Fred Lynn to Angels for Frank Tanana & Joe Rudi

1982 Urbe Blanca (cow) produces record 110 kg of milk, Cuba (approximate date)

1982 World Airways DC-10 skids at Boston Logan Airport killing 2

1983 “A-Team” with Mr T premieres on NBC

1983 Björn Borg announces his retirement from tennis

1983 In NBA, Portland scores all 17 points in overtime to beat Houston 113-96

1983 Cerebral Palsy telethon raises $14,700,000

1983 Russian radioactive satellite falls into Indian Ocean

1983 Schöne skates ladies world record 5 km (7 40.97)

1984 Buffalo Sabres win NHL record 10th straight road game

1984 Greatest unpaced 1-hour bicycle distance, F Moser (Italy), 51.15 km

1984 Hulk Hogan becomes the first wrestler to escape the “camel clutch”–the signature move of reigning World Wrestling Federation (WWF) champion Iron Sheik–as he defeats Sheik to win his first WWF title, at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

1985 O.J. Simpson became the first Heisman Trophy winner to be elected to pro football’s Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.

1985 The proceedings of Britains House of Lords debate 1st televised

1986 Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center via Davis-Monthan AFB

1986 “Jerome Kern Goes to Hollywood” opens at Ritz Theater New York City NY for 13 performances

1986 1st annual induction of Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame cermony was held in New York City (Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Domino, Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis & Elvis Presley)

1987 Dow Jones rises 64 points then drops 110 points (44.15 point loss)

1987 Japan 1st exceeds military spending cap of 1% of GNP ($23 billion)

1988 Bob Benoit bowls 1st 300-point game in a televised title match

1988 45th Golden Globes Last Emperor, Sally Kirkland, Michael Douglas

1988 Nirvana recorded a ten song demo tape with producer Jack Endino. The Melvin’s Dale Crover was on drums.

1988 62nd Australian Women’s Tennis Steffi Graf beats Chris Evert (61 76)

1988 Experimental airplane Voyager, piloted by Dick Rutan & Jeana Yeager, complete 1st nonstop, round-the-world flight without refueling lands

1989 Challenge to “who is a Jew” law filed in Israeli Supreme Court

1989 James Brown was sentenced in Georgia to 6 years in jail in connection with a police chase through two states.

1989 NBA New Jersey Nets begin a 32+ game road losing streak

1990 Dean Jones scores twin Test tons vs Pakistan at Adelaide Oval

1991 High-denomination banknotes withdrawn in USSR

1991 “Seinfeld” debuts on NBC-TV

1991 Darrell Lunsford, a county constable in Garrison, Texas, is killed after pulling over a traffic violator. His murder was remarkable because it was captured on a camera set up in Lunsford’s patrol vehicle. The videotape evidence led to the conviction of the three men who beat, kicked, and stabbed the officer to death along the East Texas highway.

1991 World’s largest oil spill, caused by embattled Iraqi forces in Kuwait

1992 “Visit” opens at Criterion Theater New York City NY for 45 performances

1992 President George H.W. Bush hosts a White House reception for the U.S. women’s soccer team in honor of their recent World Cup win.

1992 The Smithsonian Institution awards producer, director, and screenwriter Hal Roach its highest honor, the James Smithson Medal. The medal was awarded about a week after Roach’s 100th birthday and only 10 months before his death.

1993 50th Golden Globes Scent of a Woman, wins

1993 Graham Gooch scores his 100th 100, on tour at Cuttack

1993 Indian Airlines B737 crashes art Aurangabad, 61 die

1993 New York Newsday reports Oregon’s Senator Bob Packwood sexually harassed 23 women

1993 US female Figure Skating championship won by Nancy Kerrigan

1994 Bernie Kosar is 2nd QB to throw TD passes in AFC & NFC Championship games

1994 Worldwide Day for peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina

1995 Courtney Love appeared in Australian court on charges of abusing a flight attendant. She admitted to responding with an obscenity when a Quantas flight attendant told her to take her feet down from the airplane cabin wall. Love’s sentence was one month of good behavior.

1996 The City Council in Johnson City, TN, withdrew their permission for White Zombie to hold a show there.

1996 Chris Cairns scores 120, 96 balls, 10×4, 9×6 in Test New Zealand vs Zimbabwe

1997 A judge in Fairfax, VA, sentenced Mir Aimal Kasi to death for an assault rifle attack outside the CIA headquarters in 1993 that killed two men and wounded three other people.

1997 A British woman received a record £186,000 damages for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

1997 The movie “Spice World” was released in the United States.

1997 The day after her unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Madeline Albright is sworn in as America’s first female secretary of state by Vice President Al Gore at the White House. As head of the U.S. State Department, Albright was the highest ranking female official in U.S. history, a distinction that led some to declare that the “glass ceiling” preventing the ascension of women in government had been lifted.

1998 Pope John Paul II condemns US embargo against Cuba

2001 A van used by the remaining two fugitives of the “Texas 7” was recovered in Colorado Springs, CO. A few hours later police surrounded a hotel where the convicts were hiding. Patrick Murphy Jr. and Donald Newbury were taken into custody the next morning without incident.

2002 John Walker Lindh returned to the U.S. under FBI custody. Lindh was charge with conspiring to kill U.S. citizens, providing support to terrorists and engaging in prohibited transactions with the Taliban while a member of the al-Quaida terrorist organization in Afghanistan.

2002 EMI announced that it would pay Mariah Carey $28 million to end their association which was planned to last for several albums estimated at $100 million.

2003 North Korea announced that it would consider sanctions an act of war for North Korea’s reinstatement of its nuclear program.
3268 Beginning of 2nd Julian Period


1574 Lucas I Franchoys Belgian painter

1582 John Barclay Scottish satirist/Latin poet (Argenis)

1730 Joseph Hewes US merchant (Declaration of Independence signer)

1752 Muzio Clementi Italian composer

1761 Friedrich von Matthison German poet (Adelaide)

1762 Christian A Vulpius Germany, writer (Rinaldo Rinaldini)

1783 Stendahl [Marie Henri Beyle], France, writer (Le Rouge et Le Noir)

1785 Carl A Agardh Sweden, botanist/bishop of Karlstad

1813 Franz Commer composer

1816 Carl Herrmann near Hanover Germany, stage magician

1820 Alexander Nikoleyevich Serov composer

1828 Calvin Edward Pratt Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1896

1830 Gaston AA Marquis de Gallifet French General /minister of War (1899-1900)

1832 Édouard Manet France, Impressionist painter (Déjeuner sur L’Herbe)

1833 John Randolph Chambliss Jr Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1864

1840 Ernst Abbe Germany, physicist (Carl Zeiss Optics Company)

1843 Hans Heinrich XIV Hochberg composer

1857 Andrija Mohorovicic Croatian geologist (Moho discontinuity)

1862 David Hilbert Konigsberg East Prussia, mathematician

1865 Benjamin Delmonte theater director/actor (Black Haired Whore)

1867 Herbert Bedford composer

1868 Juventino Rosas composer

1869 Carlo Felice Boghen composer

1869 Herbert David Croly US author (Promise of American Life)

1878 Oton Zupancic Slovenian poet (Zimzelen pod Snegom)

1878 Rutland Boughton composer

1885 Boleslaw Wallek-Walewski composer

1887 Miklós Kállay premier Hungary (1942-44)

1888 Gilbert Ledward British sculptor

1889 Franklin Pangborn Newark, actor (My Best Gal, Hats Off, Easy Living)

1889 Prosper Arents Flemish bibliographer (Rubens-bibliography)

1891 Antonio Gramsci Italian philosopher/marxist theorist

1893 Frank Carlson (Governor/Republican/Senator-R-KS)

1894 Remy Angenot Flemish actor (Patriot/Idiot)

1896 Charlotte grand duchess of Luxembourg (1919-64)

1897 Amanda Berry Smith famous African

1897 Subhas Chandra Bose Indian politician

1898 Sergei Eisenstein Russia, film maker (Battleship Potemkin)

1898 Randolph Scott actor (Last of the Mohicans, Western Union)

1899 Humphrey Bogart actor (Casablanca, Caine Mutiny, African Queen)

1899 Joseph Nathan Kane historian (Famous Firsts)

19– Angela Carrasco Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Spanish singer

19– Ray Girardin Wakefield MA, actor (Charlie & Company)

1900 Mary Philips CT, actress (Farewell to Arms, Incendiary Blonde)

1900 Ralph Graves Cleveland OH, actor (Dirigible, Flight, Dream Street)

1901 Benno Stokvis Dutch attorney/politician

1902 Benny Waters saxophonist

1904 Theodor Schaefer composer

1905 David Newell Missouri, actor (Runaway Bride, White Heat, Dangerous Curves)

1905 Konstanty I Galczynski Polish poet (Zielona Ges)

1906 Bob Steele Pendleton OR, actor (Duffy-F Troop, Big Sleep)

1907 Dan Duryea White Plains NY, actor (Pride of the Yankees)

1907 Hediki Yukawa Japan, physicist (Nobel 1949)

1908 Hubert Nicholson poet/novelist

1908 Pak Saleman Siswowitono Javan/Surinamese writer

1909 Norman Fulton composer

1910 Django Reinhardt Belgium, Gypsy jazz guitarist

1911 Dan Smith harmonica player/gospel singer

1912 Ank van der Moer actress (Verkade, Dutch Comedy)

1914 Napoleon L Bonaparte French pretender to the throne

1915 Herma Bauma Austria, javelin thrower (Olympics-gold-1948)

1915 Potter Stewart Michigan, 94th Supreme Court justice (1958-81)

1918 Gertrude Belle Elion New York City NY, biochemist/drug researcher (Nobel 1988)

1919 Ernie Kovacs Trenton NJ, comedian (Ernie Kovacs’ Show)

1919 Bob Paisley English soccer player/trainer/manager of FC Liverpool

1919 Nina Dumbadze USSR, Discus thrower (Olympics-bronze-1952)

1920 Erbet Pawel biographer (Kafka)

1923 Florence Halop Queens, actress (Florence-Night Court, St Elsewhere)

1923 Horace Ashenfelter US, 3000m steeplechase (Olympics-gold-1952)

1923 Walter M[ichael] Miller Jr US, sci-fi author (Hugo, View from Stars)

1924 Frank R Lautenberg (Senator-D-NJ, 1983- )

1925 Marty Paich Oakland CA, orchestra leader (Sonny & Cher, Glenn Campbell)

1928 Eugene Monti Italy, bobsledder (Olympics-2 golds-1968)

1928 Jeanne Moreau Paris France, actress (Going Places, Jules & Jim)

1928 Kees [Cornelis] Broekman Dutch speed skater (Olympics-silver-1952)

1929 John Polanyi Berlin, Canadian chemist (Nobel 1986)

1929 Ian Thomson cricketer (England seam bowler vs South Africa 1964-65)

1930 Derek Walcott St Lucia, poet/writer (Omeros, Nobel 1992)

1930 Ken Errair singer (Four Freshmen)

1930 William Reid Pogue Okemah OK, Colonel USAF/astronaut (Skylab 4)

1932 Bud Shuster (Representative-R-PA, 1973- )

1933 Arlene Golonka Chicago IL, actress (Millie-Mayberry RFD)

1933 Chita Rivera Washington DC, actress (West Side Story, Sweet Charity)

1933 Joel Spiegelman composer

1934 Lou Antonio Oklahoma City OK, actor (Barney-Snoop Sisters, Makin’ It)

1936 Jerry Kramer Green Bay Packer, author (Instant Replay)

1938 Anatoly Marchenko Siberia, Soviet dissident

1939 Arlene Golonka Chicago IL, actress (Millie-Mayberry RFD)

1940 Johnny Russell country singer

1942 Ivan Ivanovich Bachurin cosmonaut

1942 Laurie Mayne cricketer (Australian pace bowler in 6 Tests 1965-70)

1942 Willy Bogner Jr Munich Germany, director (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)

1943 Gil Gerard Little Rock AR, actor (Buck Rogers in 25th Century)

1943 William E “Bill” Gibb Scottish fashion designer

1944 Sergey Belov USSR, basketball player (Olympics-gold-1972)

1944 Jerry Lawson US singer (Persuasions-Under the Boardwalk)

1944 Marty Russo (Representative-D-IL, 1975- )

1944 Rutger Hauer Dutch actor (Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, Osterman Weekend)

1946 Asif Masood cricketer (Pakistani quick with long & erratic run-up)

1947 Thomas R Carper (Representative-D-DE, 1983- )

1948 Anita Pointer Oakland, rock vocalist (Pointer Sisters-She’s So Shy)

1949 Robert D Cabana Minneapolis MN, Major USMC/astronaut (STS 41, 53, 68, 88)

1950 Patrick Simmons guitarist/vocal (Doobie Brothers-Minute by Minute)

1950 Richard Dean Anderson Minneapolis MN, actor (MacGyver, Emerald Point NAS)

1950 William Cunningham rock bassist/pianist (Box Tops-Letter)

1950 Danny Federici rocker (E Street Band)

1950 Richard Gilliland Fort Worth TX, actor (Jonesy-Waltons, Tom-Heartland)

1951 Margaret Johnson Bailes Bronx NY, 4X100 runner (Olympics-gold-1968)

1951 Michael Matz equestrian show jumper (Olympics-silver-96)

1952 Omar Henry cricketer (1st colored player for South Africa 1992)

1952 Robin Zander rocker vocalist/guitarist (Cheap Trick-Dream Police)

1953 Pat Haden Westbury NY, NFL quarterback (Los Angeles Rams)

1954 Rick Finch rocker (KC & Sunshine Band-Give It)

1954 Edward Ka-spel English singer/songwriter (Legendary Pink Dots)

1954 Franco De Vita Caracas Venezuela, Spanish singer (Extranjero)

1954 Trevor Hohns cricketer (Australian leg-spinner 1989)

1955 Reginald Calloway trumpet player (Midnight Star-No Parking)

1955 Alexander O’Neal R&B singer

1957 Princess Caroline [Louise Marguerite Grimaldi] of Monaco

1958 Lorraine Michaels Canterbury England, playmate (April 1981)

1959 Tyrone Power Jr Los Angeles CA, actor (Shag)

1959 Earl Falconer British reggae bassist (UB40-Red Red Wine)

1960 Misha Mck East Orange NJ, actress (Gerri-Me & Mrs C)

1960 Greg Ritchie cricketer (Queensland & Australian batsman Fat Cat Mahatma Cote)

1961 Trey Junkin tight end (Arizona Cardinals)

1963 Gail O’Grady Detroit MI, actress (Hitman, Nobody’s Perfect, NYPD Blue)

1963 Hakeem Olajuwon NBA center (Houston Rockets)

1963 Rocco Romano CFL guard (Calgary Stampeders)

1964 Mariska Hargitay Los Angeles CA, actress (Jesse Smith-Downtown)

1964 Frank Winters NFL center (Green Bay Packers-Super Bowl XXXI)

1965 Tim Berrett Tunbridge Wells England, Canadian 20k walker (Olympics-14-92, 96)

1966 Haywoode Workman NBA guard (Indiana Pacers)

1966 Mike Brim NFL cornerback (Cincinnati Bengals)

1966 Scott Fortune Newport Beach CA, volleyballer (Olympics-G-88,B-92, 96)

1967 Naim Suleymanoglu Bulgaria, Turkish weight lifter (Olympics-gold-1988)

1967 Christine Parris-Washington Truro Nova Scotia, softball (Olympics-96)

1968 Eric Metcalf NFL receiver/running back (Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers)

1968 Lubomir Kolnik Skalica Czechoslovakia, hockey forward (Team Slovakia, Espoo)

1968 Petr Korda Prague Czechoslovakia, tennis star (1993 Doubles-Cincinnati OH)

1968 Todd Scott NFL safety (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

1969 Brendan Shanahan Mimico Ontario, NHL left wing (Whalers, Red Wings)

1969 Eric Carter CFL cornerback (Hamilton Tiger Cats)

1970 Alan Embree Vancouver WA, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)

1970 Jim Schwantz NFL linebacker (Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers)

1970 Mark Wohlers Holyoke MA, pitcher (Atlanta Braves)

1970 Marquel Fleetwood WLAF quarterback (Frankfurt Galaxy)

1970 Richard Smehlik Ostrava Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman (Buffalo Sabres, Olympics-Gold-98)

1970 Sherman Obando Changuinola Panamá, outfielder (Montréal Expos)

1971 Adam Parore cricket wicket-keeper (New Zealand, 1st Maori Test centurion)

1971 James Logan WLAF linebacker (Scotland Claymores)

1971 Julie Foudy San Diego CA, soccer midfielder (Olympics-96)

1971 Kevin Mawae NFL center/guard (Seattle Seahawks)

1971 Mark Grimmette Ann Arbor MI, doubles luger (Olympics-1994)

1972 Anthony Peterson NFL linebacker (Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers)

1972 Gary Harrell NFL/WLAF receiver (New York Giants, Frankfurt Galaxy)

1972 Kez McCorvey NFL wide receiver (Detroit Lions)

1972 Tanya Harding Australian softball pitcher (Olympics-bronze-96)

1973 Mark Kolesar Minnesota, NHL right wing (Toronto Maple Leafs)

1974 Glen Chapple cricketer (Lancashire & England A pace bowler)

1974 Tiffani-Amber Theissen Long Beach CA, actress (Saved by Bell, 90210)

1975 Kevin Alexander NFL wide receiver (New York Giants)

1976 Byron Hanspard NFL running back (Atlanta Falcons)

1976 Phil Boudreault Copper Cliff Ontario, boxer (Olympics-96)

1980 Theresa Kulikowski Tacoma WA, gymnast (World-bronze-95, Olympics-96)


1002 Otto III German king/emperor 983/996-1002, dies at 21

1356 Margaretha of Bavaria Empress of Germany, dies

1516 Ferdinand II king of Aragon/Sicily, dies at 63

1548 Bernardo Pisano composer, dies at 57

1622 William Baffin British explorer, dies at about 38

1639 Francisco Maldonado da Silva Solis Peruvian poet, burned at stake

1648 Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla Spanish poet (Del Rey Abajo), dies at 40

1708 Thomas Bullis composer, dies at 80

1800 Edward Rutledge US attorney (signed Declaration of Independence), dies at 50

1805 Vaclav Pichl composer, dies at 63

1806 William Pitt the Younger, PM Great Britain (1783-1806), dies at 46

1813 George Clymer US merchant (signed Declaration of Independence), dies at 73

1814 Georg Friedrich Theodor Wolf composer, dies at 52

1837 John Field composer, dies at 54

1838 Arnold A Buyskes Dutch Vice-Admiral/colonial director, dies at 67

1845 Francesco Ruggi composer, dies at 77

1864 Michele Puccini composer, dies at 50

1875 Charles Kingsley English vicar/writer (Westward Ho!), dies at 55

1879 Adolf Jensen composer, dies at 42

1883 Gustave Doré French illustrator, dies at 51

1891 Boudouin prince of Belgium/count of Flanders, dies at 21

1893 José Zorrilla y Moral Spanish poet (Granada), dies at 75

1898 W A Remy composer, dies at 66

1908 Edward Alexander MacDowell US composer (Indian Suite), dies at 47

1913 Nazim Pasha Turkey’s PM assassinated

1921 Wlasyslaw Zelenski composer, dies at 83

1926 Désiré J Mercier Belgian philosopher/cardinal, dies at 74

1926 Joseph Carl Breil composer, dies at 55

1931 Anna Pavlova Russian ballerina (Diaghilew, Dying Swan), dies

1936 Dame Clara Butt alto singer (Country of Hope & Glory), dies at 62

1939 Matthias Sindelar Austria soccer star, commits suicide

1941 Dobri Khristov composer, dies at 65

1943 Alexander Woollcott critic, dies of a heart attack on radio, at 56

1944 Edvard Munch Norwegian painter (The Scream), dies at 80

1945 Helmuth J Moltke German politician (“July 20th Plot”), executed at 37

1946 Feliks Nowowiejski composer, dies at 68

1946 Matteo Giulio Bartoli linguist, dies at 72

1947 Pierre Bonnard French painter/illustrator, dies at 79

1947 Roy Park cricketer (prolific Victorian bat & official), dies

1956 Alexander Korda English movie producer (Henry VIII), dies at 62

1957 Willie Edwards US black, murdered by KKK at 25

1964 Louis Horst composer, dies at 80

1966 Jo van Ammers-Küller Dutch playwright (Opstandigen), dies at 81

1969 Jaroslav Kricka composer, dies at 86

1975 Karel Paul van der Mandele director (Rotterdam Bank), dies at 94

1976 Aleksey Vasilyevich Sorokin Russian cosmonaut, dies at 44

1976 Paul Robeson athlete/lawyer/singer, dies in Philadelphia at 77

1977 Bernard “Toots” Shor barkeeper, dies at 73

1978 Jack Oakie actor (Great Dictator, Gang Buster), dies at 74

1978 Terry Kath (Chicago) died after accidentally shooting himself in the head with a pistol he didn’t know was loaded. He was 32 years old.

1981 Bobby Sherwood orchestra leader (Milton Berle Show), dies at 66

1981 Samuel Barber US composer (School for Scandal), dies at 70

1982 Hope Hampton actress (Star Dust, Lawful Larcency), dies at 83

1984 Samuel Gardner composer, dies at 92

1986 Joseph Beuys West German avant-garde artist/politician, dies at 64

1989 Salvador Dalí Spanish Surrealist painter, dies in Spain at 84

1990 Albert Collins guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies of pneumonia at 57

1990 Mariano Rumor Italy’s PM (1968-70, 73-1974), dies

1992 Freddie Bartholomew child actor (Kidnapped), dies of emphysema at 67

1992 Ian Wolfe actor (Houdini, THX-1138, Homebodies), dies at 95

1992 Simon Brand South African banker/adviser to President De Klerk, dies

1993 Dudley Stevens entertainer, dies of AIDS at 57

1993 Thomas A Dorsey jazz pianist (Take My Hand, Precious Lord), dies, doted to be the “Father of Gospel Music”

1994 Nikolai Ogarkov Russian marshal (Flight KAL 007), dies at 76

1994 Oliver Smith US set designer (Guys & Dolls-7 Tony Awards), dies at 75 v

1994 Sherry Mathis actress (Search for Tomorrow), dies of cancer at 44

1994 Suzanne M Blum French lawyer (Charlie Chaplin), dies at 95

1995 Harold Collett Dent journalist/educationist, dies at 100

1995 Ken Hill playwright/director, dies at 57

1995 Michael Whalley Wickham artist, dies at 91

1995 Peter Ambrose Cyprian Luke playwright, dies at 75

1996 John Mackin programmer, dies at 36

1996 Norman MacCaig poet, dies at 85

1996 Shirley Carter Burden patrician, dies at 54

1997 Charles Craig opera singer, dies at 77

1997 David Waller actor (Lady Jane, Perfect Friday, Hannay), dies at 76

1997 Jeremy Stephen Maas writer/art dealer, dies at 68

1997 Laura “Dinky” Patterson dies during bungee jump at Super Bowl rehearsal at 43

1997 Randy Greenawalt convicted killer, executed by injection at 47

1997 Richard Berry lyricist (Louie Louie), dies at 61

1997 Roger John Tayler astrophysicist, dies at 67

1998 Hilla Limann President of Ghana in (1979-81), dies










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