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By dancingintheraine

January 26, 2010

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I’ve decided that I will no longer be posting the “This Day In History” and will be posting things to help Pine Ridge. Since many people have not heard about Pine Ridge, here’s a little bit about it.

Pine Ridge is the poorest reservation in the United States. Unemployment hovers at over 80% with approximately 50% living below the Federal poverty level. Adolescent suicide is four times the national average and the infant mortality rate is five times the US national average. According to the 2000 Federal census, the median age was 19.7 years old. The average house has over 4 people living in the house hold (4.72) according to the same Federal Census, with a median family income (in 1999) of $20,170. The 2009 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia for a family of four is $22,050 according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Many of the Oglala Sioux are without power since October (if they had any to begin with), no running water or sewage, and live in housing that would be condemned in most areas of the United States. Keeping in mind the winter temperatures for Pine Ridge, SD, it is a severely critical situation right here in the US. Over 100 deaths have been reported due to freezing to death.

I’ve been working on a Pine Ridge Green Project that will bring power and running water to Pine Ridge. I need sources for many things: Literary and book donations for the schools and libraries, building supplies for home improvement, skilled tradesman (in HVAC, electricity, and plumbing), specialties (wells & sewage) and renewable energy manufacturers. I’m looking for grants, donations, groups, support or suggestions on anything in these areas that you feel would be beneficial. My goal is to not add to their bills, by putting in place renewable energy for the entire reservation through the assistance of the American people, which also includes the Oglala themselves. In addition, they need their living conditions improved; some merely need the addition of appropriate hook-ups in order to receive power and water. The improvement of school and library supplies, and yes, even Girl Scout supplies for Troop 6502 will help with the morale of the people. I feel that with the involvement of the Oglala in their own improvement, that it would bring a sense of pride, not only to their improved lives, but also to their people, who have been beat, nearly into extinction. Please help. Anything will help: suggestions, leads, charity groups, grants, donations… anything. In light of all the charity that has been drummed up for Haiti and other foreign destinations, I am hoping that folks will step up and help rectify these conditions here on U.S. soil.

Please contact me for my contact information. Feel free to use it or pass it on to help this cause. Thank-you so much.

Raine Carr




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