Petitions to Stop ObamaCare Delivered to Congressman Phil Gingrey

By dancingintheraine

February 20, 2010

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By: Brandon Vallorani, Exclusive: February 17, 2010

From Left to Right: Mark Turner, Congressman Phil Gingrey, and Brandon Vallorani. Mark and Brandon are holding nearly 150,000 names and addresses of Americans who want to stop the government takeover of our health care.

Mark Turner and Jennie Jones load petitions into the back John O’ Keefe’s car. John serves on Congressman Gingrey’s staff here in Georgia.

Congressman Phil Gingrey (R) held a town hall meeting at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton on Tuesday. In preparation for his visit, my staff scheduled a private meeting to present two petitions that we’ve collected listing nearly 150,000 names and addresses of people across the nation. The two petitions are, The National Petition to Stop ObamaCare and The National Petition for Congressional Transparency. The people who signed these two petitions are asking Congress for two things:

First, they are petitioning the U.S. Congress to protect the following rights and stop any legislation that would jeopardize them:

•Freedom: The right to choose the best medical care available, including physician and insurance, for my family.

•Options: The right to get the treatment my condition requires, as soon as it is needed, without bureaucratic red tape or denial of service.

•Transferability: The right to take my health insurance with me if I have to change jobs.

•Equitable: The right to the same tax breaks available to employees should I choose to purchase my own health insurance; and assurance that only those who truly need government assistance get it.

•Accountability: The right to assurances that fraud, waste, and abuse will not be tolerated.

Second, they are petitioning the U.S. Congress to:

•Open all negotiations and committee meetings to live electronic media coverage by CSPAN and/or other national networks

•Stop all secret deals and pay-offs that benefit one state at the expense of other states.

Congressman Gingrey made it very clear on Tuesday that he is opposed to the Democrats’ plan to socialize medicine. Having practiced medicine as an OB-GYN doctor for 26 years, Dr. Gingrey speaks from experience. Caring for an individual’s health needs is a private matter to be discussed and decided between a doctor and a patient only — not bureaucrats who will ration healthcare based on a person’s age or “usefulness” to society.

Despite an outcry from the vast majority of Americans, the Democrat party lead by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid is refusing to listen. As a result, Americans continue to get more vocal. Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts’s earlier this month is evidence that Americans have had enough.

Late last year, on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, The Patriot Update and Vision to America also sent several thousand “eviction notices” to Congress. The video below shows the personalized eviction notices being printed here in Georgia. These notices were physically mailed to specific Congressmen and Senators by name. Some were even sent to the White House!

The Patriot Update and Vision To America will be taking a second copy of these two petitions to Washington D.C. this week. Thank you for signing them and doing your part to preserve liberty for our children and grand children.

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