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By dancingintheraine

March 4, 2010

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Look at what Obama is reading:

The name of the book Obama is reading is called: The Post-American World, and it was written by Fareed Zakaria.

I received this picture in an email, but I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t quite comment on it. I have to finish the books that I am reading now.

The email goes on to say that Obama is interested in bringing down America. I’m not so sure that he is interested in bringing down America as much as he seems to desire to leave his mark in history with all these reforms, etc., and if the downfall of America is the consequences of leaving his mark in history, then so be it.

From reading the review, I have to tend to agree with the book, and I have shifted it up higher on my “MUST READ” list.

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Mr. Zakaria:

The irony of the “rise of the rest,” Mr. Zakaria notes, is that it is largely a result of American ideas and actions: “For 60 years, American politicians and diplomats have traveled around the world pushing countries to open their markets, free up their politics, and embrace trade and technology. We have urged peoples in distant lands to take up the challenge of competing in the global economy, freeing up their currencies, and developing new industries. We counseled them to be unafraid of change and learn the secrets of our success. And it worked: the natives have gotten good at capitalism.”

But at the same time, he goes on, America is “becoming suspicious of the very things we have long celebrated — free markets, trade, immigration and technological change”: witness Democratic candidates’ dissing of Nafta, Republican calls for tighter immigration control, and studies showing that American students are falling behind students from other developed countries in science and math.

I agree with most said there, in that we are not practicing what we preach. I do, however, disagree with “freeing up” immigration and NAFTA…. those are two things that I am very much against.

The email also focused on the fact that Zakaria is a Muslim, and that possibly Obama is, as well. I have no problem with Muslims. I do have a problem with extremists of ANY faith. And propagating hate towards any group of people because of their faith, religion, ethnicity, nationality, etc… I just have issues with that. I couldn’t, therefore, pass on the email.



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