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April 20, 2010

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Hello, folks. I’ve been absent for a while. There’s just so much going on in my life that I had to take a step back from my online life. But I thought that I at least owed a little explanation to those who have been so consistent in reading my work, and making their comments.

The situation with my son has been giving me a lot of headaches. We were all hoping that he would have learned his lesson after having been in LCJC for a bit, but evidently, he hasn’t. He dropped out of school. He is still lying and stealing. He is partying it up, pot, alcohol, and who knows what else, using my parents’ house as a flophouse. He’s been stealing money from my mother, and even though he is not to be at the house while my parents are not there, he still breaks in. I wish my dad would see that he is simply enabling Trevor’s fantasy world and finally kick him out completely. When it comes to mind games and playing people, my son sure takes the cake. He reminds me of his father more and more every day. This gives great support to the notion that addiction is a hereditary trait. His father was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and me? I’m addicted to adrenaline. We invited him down to SC to talk with an Army Recruiter, see what the APS was like (GED program), what basic training was like, what the mechanics school was like, to help reduce the fear of the unknown. All he had to do was get his Amtrak ID and his State ID (because his DL is suspended), but could he do that? No. Dad got his Amtrak ID, but he refused to get his State ID. One week before he was to come down, he finally stated that he didn’t want to come down to talk to the recruiter, and he didn’t want to see me. The poor child would have to cut his hair to join the Army, and that was devastating to him. Oh, and he would have to not wear the eyeliner while he was on duty. I guess the good thing out of him not coming is that I won’t have to buy all the deadbolts for the closets and bedroom door. But it’s sad for me to see him wasting his chances away. He’s on the self-pity road right now: “In twenty years what will the world care if Trevor Noyes ever lived.”

I’ve been working on is an equine neglect case. If you ever run across a man named Paul Bostrom that wants to either board your horses, give you/your family equine care/riding lessons, or wants to sell you a horse, don’t deal with him. He is boarding horses and giving after-school lessons on animals that are extremely thin, and some that are emaciated. Not only do I not understand how he can put a saddle on these horses, but why don’t the parents see that this is not the proper way to care for these animals, and that these animals, in the very least, are too thin to ride? It doesn’t matter if you are not a horse person. When you see the horse’s skeleton, you know something is wrong. My friend was boarding her horse with him, and going out every couple of days to see her horse. She noticed that none of his supplements were being used. As they started their spring shed, she noticed how thin some of the horses were. She offered to feed for him, but he refuses to leave the feed. She removed her horse from the property on Thursday, and he didn’t notice until Saturday afternoon that her horse was gone. There are only 7 horses on the property, including the above animal:

I have been formerly accepted into the Village Artists in Sandhill here in Columbia. I will be permitted to show my photos for the month of May in the gallery. I’m so excited!


We are going to be moving to Germany in July for 3 years. That means things will be going into storage, including my beast. The jeep and parts, and a few other things will be in climate control. We will be coming back to Nashville at the end of the month to load up the storage units. Colleen and Brian will be coming along as well. We intend, with the help of a few of the members of the Nashville Grotto, to pop their caving cherry!!! 😀

Brutus is working towards his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification. Most of the tests aren’t too bad. The last one, #10, requires him to be handed to a stranger / evaluator and requires me to walk out of his eye-sight for 3 minutes. We tried that Saturday, but he failed at it. He’s such a mama’s boy. While this is not a requirement for him to go to Germany, it would be wonderful for him to have. We have his crate now, and he is doing fine with that. So I have a battery of neighbors who are willing to take him for walks around the apartment complex. Hope it works.

I’ve been working on my dog treat business. It’s moving along slowly, but I expect it to really pick up when we move to Germany. Society there are so much more dog-oriented than here in the States. So you can still get your pups the nummies!

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