April 20th Photos

By dancingintheraine

April 20, 2010

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Camden Revolutionary Site by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Camden Revolutionary Site: Wonderfully reconstructed revolutionary war site in Camden, SC, the oldest existing inland town in the state. This was the site of the Battle of Camden, the worst American battle defeat of the Revolutionary War. It was fought on August 16th, 1780, nine miles north of this house, the 1785 John Craven House.

Ocean Rocks by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Ocean Rocks: A nice wet spot on Hunting Island Beach (SC).

Off Your Rocker by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Off Your Rocker: A view down the hall of the women’s maximum security ward in the Babcock Building, Columbia, SC. This is the first State Hospital (Mental Hospital) on U.S. soil. It’s just really too bad that Columbia is not interested in protecting this bit of history. It was also used as a POW camp during the Civil War, first by the Confederates, then by the Union during the “Occupation”.

Offshore Storm 2 by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Offshore Storm 2: Another one of the storm rolling further out to sea on Cherry Grove’s beach near the Prince Resort Pier.

Oil Lamps by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Oil Lamp: Oil lamp along Merchant Street, Charleston, SC.

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