May 13th Images

By dancingintheraine

May 12, 2010

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Babcock Bathroom by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Babcock Bathroom: A bathroom on the 3rd floor of the men’s wing in the Babcock Building in Columbia (SC).

Contrasting Wildlife by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Contrasting Wildlife: At the Riverbanks Botanical garden in Columbia (SC).

Fungus Among Us 2 by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Fungus Among Us 2: Fungus along the Saluda River in Columbia (SC).

Nashville Sunset 1 by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Nashville Sunset: A beautiful sunset in Nashville on Briley Parkway.

Ruins Roots by RaineCarr on Zooomr

Ruins Roots: A tree nestled in the ruins of the Saluda Textile Mill Ruins in Columbia (SC).

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