Propagating And Promoting Hate

By dancingintheraine

July 17, 2010

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I subscribe to these three groups that really bring some really good anti-Obama stories to my attention (WorldNetDaily, Patriot Update, and Patriot News). They are borderline extremists because they sensationalize everything to promote their cause. Everything that they “report” I must take with a whole pound of salt because it is so tainted that it is on the verge of “not being true”. I continue to subscribe so I can see what is going on, but there are many times that I read the articles and really want to comment agressively, tell them that they have a RESPONSIBILITY to report ALL of the news, not just leaving key elements out to taint the story. There are many times that I am half tempted to just delete myself from their lists because of the Christian extremist views, but then they promote a really good story that changes my mind again for a few days.

Fellow American,

We all know the negative impact Congress’ pork projects have on our economy, and our $13.1 trillion national debt proves this.

But have you ever stopped to think about the consequences of the federal government’s spending binge has on other facets of America’s budget – like our national security?

Last summer the U.S. House of Representatives voted on a $636 billion defense spending bill that included almost 1,100 earmarks totaling $2.7 billion. Many of these earmarks have nothing to do with our national defense, like the $7.4 million set aside for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate or $400 toilet seats in government buildings. And this year, Congressional Democrats have decided that Congress won’t bother passing a budget at all!

As a Marine combat veteran and a constitutional conservative I know first hand how important it is to have a well-funded Department of Defense. I’m alarmed by the growing trend of Members of Congress who hide their miscellaneous pork projects in the Defense Appropriations Bill because they know the bill will pass. And I’m even more disturbed that Congress is neglecting to pass a budget amidst their obscene spending spree.

In the last nine months, the Department of Homeland Security reports that the pace and number of attempted terror attacks has surpassed the number of attempts during any other one year period since September 11, 2001. It’s unconscionable that Congress is neglecting their budgetary responsibilities and placing our national security on the back burner in favor of continuing to rack up record deficits.

I’m running for Congress because it’s time to increase fiscal accountability, curb federal spending and make our national security and defense the top priority again. With the FEC’s June 30th fundraising deadline looming, I need the immediate financial assistance of grassroots conservatives like you to make sure my campaign has the resources necessary to win in November. Please follow this link right away and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or even the $2,400 legal limit to my campaign today.

While our Congressional leaders decide which pork projects they will fund this year, something is taking place in New York City – a city that received over $475 million in Department of Homeland Security grants for security in 2009 – that will blow your mind.

A mosque is being built at Ground Zero.

Ground Zero is a war memorial, and just like the Vietnam Wall and the World War II monument, its reconstruction, security and preservation is funded by our tax dollars. But on September 11, 2011 – the day we commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the terror attacks – the doors to a mosque will open less than 600 feet away from Ground Zero.

You and I both know that this mosque will serve as a “martyr-marker” for those terrorists who died in the attacks that took the lives of thousands of Americans. Allowing construction of this mosque is not a matter of political correctness; it’s a matter of national security since our tax dollars will be spent on keeping it secure.

I can’t stand by while the Left destroys the country I was willing to die for. That’s why I need the support of grassroots conservatives like you to ensure I go to Washington to fight for our shared conservative values and make sure that our national security and the safety of our troops is the number one priority of every Member of Congress.

Semper Fi,

Ilario Pantano

Republican for Congress – NC-7

Just because I’m not a Christian doesn’t mean I can’t like Christians. I grade them on the scale as any other race or religion. Each man stands on their own two feet and are responsible for their own words and actions.

This propagation of hate is unacceptable. Shall every Christian be judged by the actions of their extremists? Shall you, as a Christian, be judged by the actions of the Klu Klux Klan, Hitler, Eric Robert, Rudolph, Scott Roeder, Constantine, or even Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church that protests at the funerals of fallen Soldiers? How about what colonial and post colonial Christians did to Native Americans? I say no, but it’s awfully hard to tell the difference between you and then simply by appearance (except for time period clothes 😉 you know )

I can’t help but ask you, as a Christian, what would Jesus do, (especially considering how many places I keep seeing this “WWJD” posted) ? Would be support this hate? Everything that I’ve read in the bible tells me “No, he wouldn’t”. From the readings of the Bible, I found that Jesus was very tolerant and accepting of all people. He did not shun anyone merely because they were different. While the specifics are different, the core of the three great religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim, are virtually the same. They believe in the one great God. Isn’t it time that you police the extremists in your own respective religion and quit hating so much? I think so. There is enough hate in the world without contributing to it.

The definition of Christian terrorism is religious terrorism by groups or individuals, the motivation for which is typically rooted in an idiosyncratic interpretation of the Bible and other Christian tenets of faith. Christian terrorists draw upon Christian scripture and theology to justify violent political activities.

There is an “outcry” about the size and location of the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro merely because it is oriented towards Muslims. What if it was another christian complex? Then, would it be acceptable? Do you know how many christian churches are listed on for Nashville alone? There are listed 639 Churches in Nashville city limits. There are 174 churches listed in Murfreesboro. Do you know how many Mosques? There are only 3 listed in Nashville. There is only 1 listed in Murfreesboro, and they have outgrown their current facility. From the article, they made the location unacceptable for many reason: because the road was too narrow, not in my backyard, we are “fighting these people”, etc. How many times were you driving down the road and the police were utlized to move traffic for a humongous church with patrons either entering or leaving the complex? Many times! So tell me, where are they supposed to build their center? This not freedom of religion. This is an attempt to suppress a religion that is anything other than Christianity. And until you see it that way, the hate will continue to be passed.

Stop the hate. We are all responsible.



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