My First Taste Of Germany Pt 1

By dancingintheraine

August 7, 2010

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Life is full of adventure. “Never a dull moment,” I say. That’s how life has been in Germany. Everyone has been sending me email about how I am doing over here, and well, I just thought I would throw something together to help you understand the excitements, the interesting, the attributes, the negatives, and the “well, I just can’t figure out what category to put these into” things.

As some of you know, my first challenge getting off the plane in Frankfurt was not the German language. No. It was the freakin’ toilet! Laugh if you will, but here is how it happened: I got off the plane. I knew that I had to meet Brutus in his kennel down in large baggage claims, but I had drank a large bottle of water, a sprite, and a coffee on the 8 hour flight, and I really had to ease up on the ole bladder! I waited patiently in line for the women’s bathroom, and as I waited, the line continued to grow behind me. It was FINALLY my turn. I got in there, and finished my business, but I didn’t see the flushing mechanism. So think about it: You’re relieved because you are literally relieved safely, but you can’t figure out how to flush, and there’s a line behind you. Okay, maybe my first challenge was still the German language, because I couldn’t read that it was the little plate on the wall that was the mechanism. Stop laughing, Wade. Sometimes, there is a little button, sometimes, it’s big, and sometimes, it’s automatic (and sometimes that automatic doesn’t wait for you to remove your tush before it starts flushing! Boy, that’s bewildering!). Many public restrooms you have to pay to use. Many bathrooms I have been in have precise rules to follow. I had to take a picture of one and translate it with to understand what was being said. I said to stop laughing at me, Wade. I’ve also noticed that there are also toilet brushes mounted in many of the public bathrooms, with the posted rules telling you that if you sprinkle during your business or if the water splashes on the seat while flushing, you should wipe it off. You should remove any “residue” from your business with the toilet brush, and then rinse the brush with an additional flush. Clean up the floor from any debris, and if you are the one to use the last of the toilet paper roll, replace it and recycle the empty roll. Below is an image of my bathroom, and you’ll see what I mean about the button. For the record, the one in the airport was a small button.

I’ll continue this with another entry tomorrow 

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